Cheryl Mihills
In 1979, Cheryl Mihills discovered the miniature punchneedle. This changed the direction of her work forever. She was intrigued by the unique textures, relief and unlimited creative possibilities she could achieve using just one strand of thread. Cheryl has been exploring the art and creativity of the punchneedle ever since.

Cheryl describes her work as drawing and painting with threads. She begins each piece with a basic pencil sketch of her idea. The design progresses as she works. It takes from three to six hours to complete a square inch, depending on the detail. There are approximately 1,200 stitches per square inch.

She has produced many commission works over the years. Her most recent challenges have been to punch “Old Acre”, a beautiful brick home in Waterford, VA and her largest piece, a 1700s stone home. Commissioned pieces usually take 12 to 24 months to complete.

Cheryl’s background is in fine arts. She studied art & design at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

The modern miniature punchneedle is based on an 1800s needle that was used to adorn traditional folk costumes. On a larger scale it was used to make wool punched rugs which resembled hooked rugs.